front page A place to start out. Most sites erroneously call it the home page.
j-zines An alternate way of navigating through the content of this site.

search An engine to search this site or the entire web.

thoughthistory a 'true' journal
broken news broken news
online notes online notebook
therapy my most 'revealing' work
past events from my past
Art Hey, like, he's cool.
Law "A Short Career In Law Enforcement"
Shorts short shorts
Tyrone "Tyrone Power Remembers His Childhood and Adolescence"
Winona a retrospective
Memories a sort-of true story
Township Getting old's a bitch.
The Chase How is the nature of reality determined?
A Fish Story The content continues to depart from reality.
The Concrete And you thought you were hard-headed.
Video Vertigo Afraid of heights? Love is the cure. Or maybe it's the problem.
novel excerpts
Two Witnesses an apocalyptic journal-like novel, or novel-like journal
The Twenties Hot Stuff
Reservations Excerpt from an older novel. I have strong reservations about having posted this. (Not really. I just wanted to use the word 'reservations' here.)
life stories My last published effort. But times change. Success ain't what it used to be.
re-identity a work in progress
Styles Does she or doesn't she?
Ozzy jumping on the MTV bandwagon
Change Things Change
Temporary "Long-Term Temporary"
Free Babes "Home of the Free and Land of the Babes"
Human Rules the heuristics of being who I am
The FBI Files "The FBI Files"
The Collective "The Collective"
studio palettes and canvases
Something Funny (not ha-ha funny, strange funny)(well, sometimes ha-ha funny)
The Furry Within a warm retreat
how not to write or "Writing Wrong"
Shards of Light a collection of cosmologically and teleologically related writings
neighborhood 'In The Neighborhood of Altered Dreams'
The FBI Files "The FBI Files"
Terror Notes "Terror Notes"
miscellanea bad poetry, line prose, and ill-opinion
Connection 'Waiting for the Electrician'
Similarities "Similarities and Correspondences: a study in relationship"
meannessss a work-in-progress being assembled online
Personals developmental satire
old notes I've got to do something with this crap.
Mimesis "The Theme of Mimesis in Representational and Symbolic Art"
erratica a more modest attempt at diversity
index index.
front A place to start out. Most sites erroneously call it the home page.
zines This is not separate content, but rather an alternate way of linking to the content of this site.
posts old links to past posts to this site
notes Formerly the textbox that never worked right in Netscrap browsers.
cover The original front page for this site. This is an experiment, a ''web-novel,'' started many years ago and now all but abandoned. But I still like the idea.
search An engine to search this site or the entire web.
contact e-mail me. I appreciate it so much.
sources a bibliography of works cited on this site.
excerpts Small samples of some of the documents. This is an old, old feature, a remnant of my first site of so, so long ago.
birthdays birthdays of famous, not so famous, and totally unknown people (well, not to their family & friends)
attitudes attitudes
quotes quotes previously used on the intro page, a now-defunct attribute
trivia a collection of most excellent facts
idols People of whom I am a fan.
cast The cast of characters for this web-novel: an uncompleted project.
Seti This isn't an ad. I don't get paid for this.
bios This is who I am, sort-of.
film film reviews and blurbs
FAQ Asked mostly by myself.
blogs A Weblog of sites, freeware, and mp3s
Help!! Not what you think it might be.
psych A false start. Go to my journals for the rest of this kind of stuff.
books book reviews
essays essays, polemics, or whatever
poetry poems
old news This is the old news page, before I set it up with new blogging software. No way am I going back and logging all those old entries in again to get them into the new system.
new news The new news page, done with new blogging software. Actually, it doesn't look all that much different than the old page, but it sure is a lot easier to post to, and it archives the entries automatically.
grammar dept. of public grammar
e-mails, etc. e-mails and other irrelevant selections
end-notes A friend created this page. He's a little strange. He lives in the desert and suffers from the heat.

off-site content
Ethnic Diversity a piece published in InPosse magazine
  Lost Love an AC/DC chase across the desert
  Far Encounters an alien language piece

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